Heart Pancakes: chocolate and cocco


Today I prepare for you my ” Pancakes in Love” … it can be an idea to surprise your fit-love or a friend ❤
The ” Pancakes in Love” are really simple to prepare and can also be prepared the night before… they are super soft : D
They are flavored with chocolate and coconut …but if you do not like coconut, don’t add it!!!


The stencil in the shape of heart is a must! 😉

Heart Pancakes


  •     1 scoop of Ultra Brown Protein powder by Colors Nutrition
  •     2 tablespoons of oat flakes
  •     1 eggwhite
  •     2 tablespoons of coconut flour
  •     ½ banana

Mix all ingredients in a bowl with an immersion blender. Make sure the mixture is dense… but not too much!  If it is too dense add a few tablespoons of water or skimmed milk.

Pour the mixture into a no stick-pan (spray some Pam- if you do not have Pam is possible to grease the pan with a towel lightly moistened with olive oil).

Cook the pancakes on both sides . Cut out hearts using a cookie cutter.

Serve the pancakes …decorate with coconut flour and ultra brown praline by Color Nutrition.

http://www.colors – nutrition.com



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